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Maps and Directions

Directions to and from the city from the airports (all options)
BART from SFO:
-Navigate your way to the BART station, following signs to either the International Terminal, or ALL TRAINS, BART STATION.  If flying Virgin America, it is as easy as walking out of the terminal and exiting to the station.  If flying Southwest or any other carrier, follow signs to Air Bart/ Air Tram, and take the tram to the BART station.
-Once in the station, you will need to purchase a ticket to the city center for $8.10. Bart ticket machines take both cash and credit/debit cards, and each person will need their own ticket. Follow the directions on the screen to add/subtract value until you reach $8.10 and then "print ticket."
-A few things to note:  You will need your ticket to exit the station at the other end, so hang on to it.  There is no food or drinks allowed on Bart, so don't stop for a coffee after your flight with the idea that you'll cozily drink it on the ride into the city. Nice idea, no cigar. 
-There is only one train from the airport to the city, and it leaves every twenty minutes.  It will sit in the station for about five/ten minutes before leaving, so if the doors open and close a few times, don't panic. You want to be on a San Francisco / Richmond bound train, which the driver will announce several times throughout the duration of the ride.
-Take it to POWELL STATION to be downtown at Union Square.  The stop directly before Powell is Civic Center, and before that is 16th Street Mission.  At 16th Street, begin to prepare to exit, gather your luggage and thoughts, and at Civic, perhaps move to the exit door so you may exit the next stop easily. If standing, hold on, as trains lurch while in motion, and when starting and stopping.
-After exiting the train at POWELL STATION, walk upstairs to the station, and use your ticket to exit into the station.  Your ticket will not come back out at you if you have used the entire balance.
-Continue upstairs to exit the station onto Market Street.  Welcome to San Francisco.
-Exit Airport and follow signs to AirBART.
-Note that no food or drinks are allowed on BART, so don't stop for a coffee with the intention of drinking it on your cozy train ride. Nice idea, no cigar.
-AirBART Shuttle is $3.00 to Colisium BART Station, and only goes to and from Colisium BART to OAK.
-Once at Colisium BART Station, purchase a ticket to Powell Station, following the directions on the ticket machine screen to add/subtract until dollar amount is reached.
-Note that you will need your ticket to exit the BART station at the end of your ride, so keep it handy.
-Take any San Francisco, Daly City, or Millbrae bound train to POWELL STATION. The stop before Powell is Montgomery, and the one before that is Embarcadero. At Embarcadero, you will be exiting the train in two stops, so collect your luggage and your thoughts. At Montgomery Station, you might want to stand at the door since you will be exiting at the next stop. If standing, hold on, since trains lurch often while in motion.
-At POWELL STATION, exit the train, and head up to the station, where you will use your ticket to exit.  It will not come back out at you if the entire amount is used.
-Continue on up to the street level, and exit onto Market Street. Welcome to San Francisco.