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    Home to an internation airport (SFO) and a major business hub, and one of the US's top tourist destinations, getting to San Francisco is easy.  Whether driving or flying, getting from the airport to the city center is fairly simple, and takes about 20-45 minutes. We think San Francisco is a driveable distance from both the top or the bottom of the West Coast, though personally, we prefer to fly, and to Virgin America and play Doom whilst sipping on a cup of spicy tomato juice.


From SFO airport to the city center it is about a 20 minute drive, a $40 cab ride, or 35 minutes and $8.10 on BART.  There are also, of course, several aiport shuttles, but they tend to be a little less than a cab, per person, and only slightly more convenient than BART.
Oakland aiport (OAK) services the San Francisco Bay Area as well, and is also connected to the city through BART, though it requires an AIR BART transfer, and is a little farther away.
For directions: driving, public transit, etc, see Maps & Directions.
A block of rooms has been reserved at a beautiful boutique hotel in Union Square, Crescent Hotel, so note that we have based all directions with that in mind.  For more information, see Where To Stay


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 Please keep in mind that San Francisco is a city with it's own weather patterns.    In the famous words of Mark Twain:  "The coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco."
   While September and October are our glory months of Indian summer, and when it usually begins to warm up, be prepared and bring a coat and a scarf along just in case. Otherwise, you might end up like all the others and find yourself buying a fleece with an emblem of the Golden Gate Bridge on it, because you thought this was California.  Think about your other activities planned as well, for likely as soon as you cross a bridge, it will be warm again.